Read this before your visit Kashmir and Manali

What is common in Manali and Kashmir? We both have heard enough about their stunning landscape and amazing tourist activities. Well, if anyone of you is planning or already bought Kashmir and Manali tour packages for the trip to these places, then make sure to visit these spot to make your vacation unforgettable.


Hadimba Temple

This one is important as it is one of its kind. It is hard to find a temple of deity Hadimba. She was a demon goddess and wife of Bhima(from Mahabharat). The temple is not just unique with its deity but also astonishing with its design and location. Those who love nature, trekking, and adventure, start your journey from Manali Bus stand and trek for 7.5 km to reach there. In between, you will find tempting landscape and nature.

Hadimba Temple


Jogni Waterfall

Waterfalls remind us of paradise. Just sitting somewhere around in the fresh air and tempting sight, and the symphony of falling water will sure rejuvenate our mind and soul. This one is just 3 km away from Manali’s main market.

Jogni Waterfall

Solang Valley

The valley seems painting: the way scattered snow on the tip, the trees gathering all around the bottom and valley filled with fresh air. Moreover, at this place, you will enjoy various tourist activities that will make your day like a super trooper. These activities will be included in your Manali tour package.

Solang Valley in winter

Rohtang Pass

We all love snow and playing with them. Rohtang pass promises to give this pleasure throughout the year. No matter, in which season you are out on vacation. Enjoy skating, skiing and paragliding and so on, but in this place, you need to be alert. Make sure to have all the precautions and safety measures.

Rohtang Pass


Now moving on to Kashmir, this often called as Switzerland of India. Kashmir is far bigger than Manali, and there many exhilarating destinations that require at least a week to visit all of them. These are the places you should visit on your Kashmir Tour.

Start your tour from Srinagar. Here you will find the authentic Kashmiri culture and exotic flora and fauna. In Kashmir, you will lakes almost everywhere. And for real natural bliss, you should make your visit to Leh: the land of astonishing beauty and exhilarating adventure.

But the most peaceful place in Kashmir is its monastery. You will find many of them in Leh and Ladakh. They are not just situated in the alluring landscape but also display the aesthetic architecture. We also suggest you list some museums in your Kashmir Tour Package. And the gardens in Kashmir are filled with the most beautiful plants and flowers.

Kashmir Tour Package

Your trip should not be hectic and insecure. We recommend you to opt reliable travel agents that seriously care for your safety and convenience.

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